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Our Technology

Our Technology

SENJO SEIKI has invested significant resources over the years in the research and development of their patented technology. The unique design of the SENJO SEIKI machines incorporates a patented, stylus tracing unit that eliminates the need for any computer programming. This stylus traces the inner or outer periphery of a machined part, guiding the cutter axis to create a uniform and symmetrical chamfer that requires no further finishing and is highly consistent from part to part.

Plus, since the chamfer is created by an ordinary endmill, the finished quality is remarkably superior when compared to other types of chamfering and deburring machines

PLC Series Operation:

  1. The part is set in the work spindle.
  2. The vertical cutter position is set using the adjusting wheel. The position controls the depth of the chamfer, while the tool used controls the angle of the chamfer.
  3. Once set, the work spindle and cutter spindle begin rotating, while the stylus follows the periphery of the part.
  4. The result is a superior, consistent chamfer.

technology diagram