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Depending upon the customer application, SENJO SEIKI can provide a standard machine or a completely application specific system. The process begins by having SENJO SEIKI engineers review the drawings for a part or family of parts to be chamfered. They will then incorporate the machine features needed to meet the processing needs for those parts.

Following are some of the many features/configurations that SENJO SEIKI offers:

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  • Dual Cutter Heads

    Dual Cutter Heads
  • Dual Work Spindles

    Dual Work Spindles
  • Internal Gear Chamfering

    Internal Gear Chamfering
  • Horizontal Cutter Axis

    Horizontal Cutter Axis
  • Inclined Workplace Axis

    Inclined Workplace Axis
  • Inclined Cutter Axis

    Inclined Cutter Axis
  • Brush Unit

    Brush Unit
  • Custom Fixturing

    Custom Fixturing
  • Automation